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Hotels in Malaga

We are traveling to Malaga Spain and one member of our party is taking the AVE to Madrid. Can you suggest some $$ hotels to stay in.

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'Can you suggest some $$ hotels to stay in.'
We do not use the dollar in Spain.

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??????? to you.

This is an forum run by an American company, generally read mostly by people in America who are planning trips to your (hopefully delightful and welcoming) country.

To help you understand, so you can better help people who are considering travel to Spain, the $$ sign means generally modestly-priced hotels........not the rock-bottom cheapest (which would be indicated by $) and not the highest priced (which would be indicated by $$$$ or $$$$$).

So, maybe you would have preferred Jayne type EE, and hopefully you could not have found anything wrong with that.

So, Neil, if you could recommend some modestly priced hotels for Jayne, THAT would be helpful to her.

Most of the other people reading this forum are well aware of what $$ means.

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margaret - Thank you for explanation. Clearly we are divided by a common language. Please also explain EE.

jaynejohnstone19 - a very cheap hotel in Malaga is the IBIS Budget. Without your €uro monetary expectation of whether this suits your $$ budget I have no idea of a scale. You may want to use directories like

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Oh, dear Neil..........the E is an attempt to show a sign for a euro, since my American keyboard does not have a sign for the euro that is similar to that of the $ (dollar). I know some American keyboards do have the sign, or there are ways to make it work (with appropriate software), but for this site at this time it's my best attempt. As much as you post here, and delight in pointing out errors for so many of us, surely you know what I was TRYING to indicate. You seem to have some brains about you.

This is Jayne's first posting on the Forum site, I see, so let's make it easy for her.

Jayne, you will find that most people in Spain are delightful and will clearly understand if you accidentally use the $ sign. They are welcoming and helpful to tourists. We were just there this past spring and we had a delightful time. I speak very little Spanish, and those with whom we interfaced were thrilled to help me try to speak the language, and they were thrilled to help us along, even we were completely clueless.

I don't know how much help/advice you may need for the rest of you trip. But, Emily (who is an American that now lives in Spain) owns South Ole Spain Tours. She fell in love with Spain and moved there. She helped us with a private driver for one of our days, and also a guide for a portion of our stops. I know she also helps people with hotel recommendations (and will book those for you), day group tours, day private tours, tour guides, tickets for events, wine/olive oil tastings, etc. She also coordinates entire itineraries for people, first listening to what you want to see, and making recommendations for additional sites. She is incredible, and reasonably priced. Read the reviews she has been given on Trip Advisor ( We found her very responsive, and she followed up beautifully at each step along the way and then afterward to make sure we were pleased (we were).

We did not say overnight in Malaga, so I can't recommend a hotel. We were in Barcelona for 4 nights, Granada for two nights, then Marbella (the old town section) for one night, then we flew out of Malaga on to Morocco. If you can get to Granada, don't miss the Alhambra. Ronda is also lovely, and we really enjoyed the old town section of Marbella. If you are going to Barcelona, I can share what we enjoyed there.

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Malaga is a lovely town.

I can recommend you:

Hotel Malaga Palacio 4*
Hotel Room Mate Larios 4*
Hotel Don Curro 3*

Malaga is not very touristy so you won´t find many hotels compare to Barcelona..