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Hotel Hesperia - Cordoba, Spain - DO NOT recommend

Absolutely DO NOT recommend. This hotel is located nicely across the roman bridge in new town, walking distance to the roman bridge and old town. Rooms were about $150/night, which wasn't bad considering the touristy area and Semana Santa, however the hotel was a dump.

  • Room window is open-able, however one of the window panes literally fell off the hinges into our hands.
  • The shower alternated between the water temp you set it to and SCALDING. Ya know how in some houses if someone flushes the toilet while you shower, you get burned? It was like this, but with a dozen flushing toilets and several scalds.
  • Bathroom door wouldn't shut all the way.
  • One of our lamps had a lampshade that was straight-up crushed on one side. Why would they leave that?
  • The beds are on basic, metal rolling bed frames with no headboard and the locks on the bed frames were inoperable. So you couldn't sit up on the back of the bed without having the bed roll away from the wall, OR having both twin beds roll away from each other if you happened to fall in "the crack" in the middle.
  • The elevators would clunk, jerk and otherwise make you feel like you were about to fall to the basement at each ride.
  • WIFI was inadequate.
  • At one point, about an hour after we checked in, I was in the shower (with the un-latching door) and my husband on the bed, when someone just happened to walk into our room, and then quickly left. We didn't see who it was, and assumed housekeeping made a mistake, but not cool.
  • We apparently blew a breaker/fuse somewhere because the TV and one lamp just stopped working. We just plugged the TV into a different plug and went on our way.

They had a breakfast buffet for 15 euro/ day available, which was really spendy. However, they were banking on you being away from old town and kind of being "stuck" on this side of the bridge. We didn't partake.

We actually considered booking another room elsewhere in Cordoba, or leaving altogether because we didn't care for Cordoba in general. But we didn't, and we didn't address anything with the management directly. I will at some point now that we're back in town, but we were about 10 days into our trip and too tired to deal with switching rooms or hotels, or dealing with management at that point.

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