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Dining in Sevilla

Always travel with Rick's guide and Spain was no different. Went to La Bulla (page 712 Spain 2015) and it was very good. We ordered several plates of Tuna Tataki, fantastic.

We also went to El Faro de Triana. Avoid this place. Ladies' restroom had no sink, kitchen looked rough and place was dirty. We were tired and foolishly decided against our better judgement to stay for dinner. Food was terrible and we felt sick the next day. Avoid this place.

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Loved La Bulla! Ate there twice last year, helpful staff & good food.

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Hi, We will be in Sevilla in May. La Bulla sounds great.. Are reservations needed for dinner? TIA, Sherry

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I'd try to get a reservation if you can. We didn't have reservations. I believe it was around 6:30 PM when we got there (early by Spanish standards). The restaurant was about 50% full when we got there but they filled up shortly afterwards.

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Hi Sherry. I have just visited Seville (I have been there some years ago too) and I discovered a new restaurant called La Brunilda Tapas. There you will find excellent spanish food but the place is a little tiny, so i'd try to make a reservation.

This time I also discovered a free service that give some advice when you have doubts about where to eat. It is great because it knows a lot of places to go according to your preferences, you can contact it by Whatsapp or Facebook. I hope it can help you.