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Dining in Granada

Granada is a beautiful city and we stayed on track with Rick 2015 Spain guide book.

First night we took a flier on a recommendation from our Hotel Manager on a new restaurant which was close. Los Manueles, on Restauracion Plaza Nueva S.L., Monjas Del Carmen. Meal and service was great, and had a nice Crianza with it. Not for backpackers, but would recommend for any 2 star + travelers.

Were touring Alhambra at night so to get in the mood with a special dinner at Arrayanes (page 634). This a Moroccan restaurant and consequently does not serve any alcohol. We did hear some people complain that there was no real beer or wine so thought you'd like to know. We enjoyed the lemonade with some of the tajin dishes. Fantastic!

Left the Alhambra at 10:30 PM and was looking for a drink were we could see the Alhambra lit-up and its in glory from the other side of the valley. Our cab driver took us to El Balcon de San Nicola's. They close at 11 but we convinced the manager to let us stay for one drink. The view of the Alhambra was spectacular.

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