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Barcelona with our 10-year old

My husband, 10 year-old daughter and I will be spending a week in Barcelona this September, our first vacation in what I'm told is a beautiful city. I'm doing lots of research, trying to learn a few phrases and wondering if any of you have had positive experiences taking your kids to Barcelona. The only things I really want to do are eat ham and tour a couple of the Gaudi buildings. As crazy as they are, I think my daughter will probably find them interesting. Can anyone suggest some other fun activities that she might like?

The apartment we've rented is on the Passeig de Sant Joan, in the Dreta de l'Eixample neighbourhood. I know nothing about the area. Any advice?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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One of the things my kids liked to do was pretty easy....simply walking into the Mediterranean! There is a lovely sand beach and you can walk right into the water, reveling in the fact that you are in the Mighty Mediterranean (for us it was very exciting). We went in April and even then the water was pretty warm and it was very exciting to be in the great Sea, especially if your daughter has had any exposure to the Med. through her social studies class.

Our kids loved the Gaudi house, Casa Batllo. It was much less expensive and more manageable than Sagrada Familia. It has a audio guide that our kids enjoyed listening to and gave them some freedom to walk around on their own (this was a false freedom as they had to stay within our sight, but they seemed to like the independence). They liked the crazy colors and the wavy walls.[Casa Batlo:

We also liked Parc Montjuic, a large fortress overlooking the Mediterranean. It is in the city and easy to get to but is a bit apart, it is enormous and very spacious and my kids liked being outdoors with some room around them (unlike other areas of the city). Plus to get there we took a cable car with stupendous views! I'm going to try to put in some links from Trip Advisor but not sure they will work---my apologies if not: enter link description here

We also liked Placa Espanya, which was near the area of Montjuic. Again,

Lastly, the kids did like Parc Guell, but I understand there is now a charge to enter, and I understand it can be horribly, horribly crowded (wall to wall people) which would detract from the experience. You might be able to do some research to investigate when the least crowded times are. It has wonderful Gaudi mosaics and statues, I would try to see it if I could get a hint as to the best times to go.

Lastly, Las Ramblas is a famous sidewalk with lots of vendors/booths alongside the walkway. Lots to look at...vendors that sell parrots, rabbits, fruit/vegetables, bread, seafood, as well as junky souveniers. There were a number of street entertainers, people who were "live statues" etc. This is not something my kids see frequently so they were mesmerized. But this is PICK POCKET ZONE so be very very careful.

Enjoy! Private message me if you have other questions.

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Take the tram up to Tibidabo amusement park. Highest point in the city. Stunning location. Free admission and to walk around. Pay per ride.

Best view of the city. Go up late in the afternoon and as the sun sets. Vintage amusement park, full of local families.



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Parc Guell is a fun place to visit. My daughter really liked it and had fun watching local families. We also enjoyed taking a bus tour around the city, the hop on hop off offers three different routes one took us by the Olympic sights. The Ramblas was fun and she enjoyed seeing all the items they sell including birds. Another fun thing to do is to go to the market La Boqueria. Must also visit Sagrada Familia. Barcelona has an excellent aquarium and they have a magic fountain Font Magica built for the world fair. In Rick Steves' book on Barcelona he has a whole chapter devoted to Children. It includes activities, food and beaches if you need more information.

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Sagrada Familia and climbing the tower was an amazing experience (my boys were 9 and 11).

We loved our dinner at
And they open early!

We just wandered around a bit (we only had one day before a cruise). I wanted to go to the Market but didn't make it.

We also went to Barcelona's stadium... not sure that interests your daughter.