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Barcelona Food Tours

In 2016, we visited Barcelona and the first thing we did was take a tapas tour with Barcelona Taste as recommended by Rick Steves. It was a great experience and we learned a lot about eating tapas and drinking vermouth as an aperitif. We a had a great guide and met some very nice people. The cost was 80 euros each.

This year, we returned to Barcelona and thought we'd try a more extensive experience with the other company Rick recommended, Food Lovers Company. They advertise a tapas tour and a more extensive food tour. We signed up for the food tour and had an enjoyable evening with Oliver and , while it included the advertised four locations and tasty food, it was still, only a tapas tour. And, it cost 140 euros each.

Do take a tapas tour if visiting Barcelona for the first time. I recommend the tour by Barcelona Taste and possibly the tapas tour with Food Lovers Company but the food tour is not worth the extra cost.
Our guide, Oliver, did recommend a restaurant where we ate the next night: Restaurant Coure, Passatge de Marimon 20, 08021 Barcelona +34932007532. Service and food were excellent. In the El Born neighborhood, we also recommend staying at the Hotel Banys Orientals; the Story Restaurant for food and jazz and Santaugustina for tapas.

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When I was first in Barcelona, also in 2016, I took a great food and culture tour with “Taste Barcelona”, which is different than Barcelona Taste, as confusing as that might be. It was a 5 hour tour through 4 different downtown neighborhoods, with 4, I think excellent and abundant food and drink stops of different types. I loved it. I just looked, and it is still 105 euros.

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It's been several years ago now...maybe 6...but we took the Food Lovers' Tapas Tour and totally enjoyed it. Nice group of fellow participants, nice variety of food/drink (have a very light lunch so you will be hungry for the tour), and the final stop was a full meal with dessert, too. There was no way I could even begin to finish the meal at the final stop (even though it was delicious), and we had to depart from the group early, since we had to catch a plane early the next a.m. to Granada.
If we were to return to Barcelona, likely we would rebook with the same tour company, just because it was such a fun evening with other random and interesting travelers, many were single, well-traveled young professionals, but my guess is groups vary. Check them out Trip Advisor for photos of food, groups, etc.
We not only enjoyed tasting many of the local foods and wines/drinks, but also hearing about the traditions of food in Barcelona. We never would have happened into any of the restaurants on our own, as we would not have known to look for them. Great places.
Our tapas tour was around E90 each.
Communication to and from the company was excellent.

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I took a tour with Culinary Backstreets and though it was pricey, it was absolutely worth it. I highly recommend any of their tours!