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AVE trains

Hi - I'm having a little trouble on the Renfe sight and getting tickets... I see some regional trains but not AVE. Also, it looks like you have to know exactly which station to put in as well. I believe Madrid would be Atocha but not sure on any other.

Our trip is February 19 - 28. In and out of Madrid

We intend to use the train to:

Segovia ( Chamartin? AVE or another?) - 20th
Toledo (Atocha? AVE or another line?) - 22nd
Madrid to Cordoba and then on to Sevilla (Atocha, AVE -long day in Cordoba) - 23rd
Barcelona to Madrid - ( AVE ) 27th

(we are flying to Barcelona from Sevilla)

I found a link - - is that reliable?

Thanks for any help!

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This is a case where the Rome to Rio website can help. Our in Madrid to Segovia, look at the train option, and it will tell you the stations are Madrid Chamartin and Segovia Guiomar.

Seems like the AVE trains between Madrid and Barcelona should be on the schedule for Feb. 27 by now. If they aren’t, are they on the Trainline site? I have used Trainline for booking trains in Italy when Trenitalia would not allow me to book, even though I was registered and had booked with them previously with no issues. I also used them in 2018 for booking French trains. So I have only good experiences with them, although some people advise against using 3d party websites for booking trains.

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Trainline is a reseller that will only make things more complicated, buy direct from Renfe instead. If you are unsure which station in Madrid the train will depart from, select "Madrid Todas".

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Just for the record—-I had some Trenitalia trips I booking on the site for March 2020 (I explained why above—-at that time Trenitalia would not recognize my existing registration, would not allow me to make a new one, and would not allow booking without registration, so I had no choice). I also had some tickets booked on Italo. When we had to cancel the trip, which I about 2-3 weeks ahead of the travel dates, I got immediate refunds from Thetrainline, in full, for the tickets I bought from them. People were having all kinds of trouble getting refunds from Trenitalia for their canceled trips. So I am kind of a fan of Thetrainline.

As for Italo, they may have offered vouchers for future travel, but no refund. And we could not use the voucher within a year, so that was useless.

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Thanks for these tips Badger and Lola! much appreciated!