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Any excellent seafood restaurants at Barceloneta area?

Looking for restaurants with great seafood platter especially.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Sam.

You did not share much detail. You did not share cost limits, or if you seek formal or casual, or if you speak their language? Each of these impacts your choices.

Barcelona and this small subset, Barceloneta is all about great seafood. We have visited Barcelona multiple times and find new places each visit.

It is easy to get garbage and leave disappointed. NONE of the places lining the main walk streets serve great food. If they have pictures or ceramic models of their food - run away. If you absolutely require English be spoken you will be limiting yourself. Think out of the box - hire a local college student to share a meal with you and you will potentially be rewarded with an amazing, local-only experience.

The best seafood we've eaten is at Kaiku.

"Seafood platter" is not anything you will find. You will find spectacularly served small plates - somewhat like seafood tapas - which if combined onto a plate would be a platter. But they do not serve seafood like that, at least in my experience.

Best of luck, enjoy your visit.

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SomoRostro is very good in Barceloneta. My group made arrangements to have paella but I'm not sure that is normally served if you just walk in.

Also not sure what you mean by seafood platter - perhaps a large sampling of different items? If so, you can order tapas or small plates to try different things without committing to something.

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Thanks Patrick and Douglas for your tips and recommendations! I am thinking causal lunch probably before biking along Barceloneta! thinking of ~30-50 euro per person. I just came across some Barcelona tour video that showed seafood platter so I just thought it's common (and don't miss) to have seafood platter (Douglas, it's a big plate with combination of various type of seafood like Lobster/raw oysters/clams etc.), but guess I am wrong.

Both restaurants looks interesting, thanks for the recommendations. Any other?

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If you are biking around or along the beach, check these two out - outstanding tapas in very un touristy restaurants...

La Cova Fumada
Carrer del Baluart, 56
08003 Barcelona

Carrer de Ginebra, 13
08003 Barcelona