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Affordable Hotel near MAD: Aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez, Madrid-Barrajas

Under 200€ right now.
I just booked a room for my father and brother for October 2022. I've stayed at this hotel in the past and would recommend it.
Good staff, good rooms and facilities, close to the airport and parking is available.
Happy traveling!

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What's nice is that Madrid has good public transportation, and it's easy to find less expensive accommodations on their underground stops just a few minutes from the airport. We found Madrid (and Spain) to be much less expensive to travel to than other major European cities.

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We will be staying at Hotel Maydrit near the airport the night before out morning flight. Booked on Expedia a month ago for $87. Now the price around $110. Rated 4.4/5

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We love Maydrit and we stay there for the last couple days of our annual trips to Spain. It's easy transport to the airport, it has a nice restaurant, it's clean and cool. Sometimes we walk to the Metro station near the hotel and go into the city center. Other times we take a taxi. For us, it's a reliable, inexpensive hotel that lets us wind down before our trip home.