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Winter driving Ljubljana to Dubrovnik

Hi there
I’ve driven all the way from the UK and now approaching the last legs of my trip.
I’ve been through the Black Forest and Austrian Alps and now I just need an easy ride
No more mountains / bad weather.... I don’t really like the fast roads either but I just want the safest route
Can anyone advise? Don’t mind tolls.... I’m setting off tomorrow or Monday and weather looks about 10 degrees so not too bad

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Easiest ride will be on the motorways. A2 from Ljubljana to Zagreb then the A1 all the way to Ploče and finally the D8 to Dubrovnik. It'll take you about 7.5 hours non-stop plus waiting times at border crossings (three along the route), so a full day's drive really. It's the safest route as well.

You'll be driving through mountainous terrain the whole way down so any national roads won't be the most pleasant if you're looking to avoid the motorways. I suppose you could take the D1 between Karlovac and Split although the motorway approaching Zadar is quite scenic itself. Another option is to get off the A2 in Slovenia at Ivančna Gorica and take the 216 via Žužemberk and Črnomelj, crossing the border in Vinica and then rejoin the A1 in Croatia at Bosiljevo. Takes you through rural Krka Valley and the rolling hills of Bela Krajina, although there are some curvy sections between the two areas. At about 1.5 hours it's a shorter detour from the motorway than the D1, which would get you from Karlovac to Split in about 4.5 hours or so.

As for weather, some rain and some sun forecast along the route both tomorrow and on Monday. It won't be cold at all though, that's true.

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Thanks so much. Really useful.
Someone also mentioned just driving over to Rijeka and taking coast road down all the way
Although I wasn’t keen on coast road it may be easier than Motorway if I take it slowly and have breaks
But I wondered what the road to Rijeka from Ljubljana is like ?

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The coast road is a gruelling drive all the way down. It takes long, Rijeka to Zadar alone is well over three hours non-stop. It’s very curvy, quite similar to driving through the mountains except it’s along a rocky coast full of coves etc. I wouldn’t consider it an easy ride at all. It is scenic, though.

To get to Rijeka from Ljubljana you can avoid the motorways altogether, there’s a good national road (409) running almost parallel to the A1 motorway through Vrhnika, Logatec and Postojna, where you turn off to the 6 following the signs for Rijeka. About 2.5 hrs on the national roads, 1h45 if you take the motorway to Postojna.