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My wife and I will be traveling to Slovenia this coming summer and we are hoping to do a fair amount of wine tasting. Does anyone have any wisdom to lend us in regards to this effort? Is it better to travel to different wine regions and patronize the wineries directly or should we go to a wine shop in different towns and taste from there? Thanks!

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In Ljubljana you have Movia and few others shops for testing and buying. Slovenia has so called wine roads in different parts of the country ( Stajerska, Dolenjska, Posavje, Goriska Brda etc )where you go to different producers and test their wine.

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Just remember that US and Europe have different rules for alcohol and driving. Not sure what the rules are for Slovenia, but you should find out before driving away after a tasting.

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The maximum allowed blood alcohol content is 0.05%.

Visiting a winery and visiting a wine shop are different experiences, I don't think one is inherently better. If you visit a wine shop, you can easily try different wines from different wineries and regions, whereas visiting a winery provides a more detailed and authentic experience but you only get to try their wines.

Some good wine shops are Movia in Ljubljana, you could also try the Dvorni wine bar and Tabar has a good selection of ecological wines. Outside of Ljubljana, Faladur in Ajdovscina and Solum in Nova Gorica are good choices that specialize in the Vipava Valley wines, with Solum also having a good selection of wines from the Karst and Goriska Brda. As for wineries, there are too many to list in various regions. Many wineries will require you to notify them in advance, Slovenian wineries are almost exclusively small family-run businesses and not large tourist-oriented wineries.