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Visiting the Lippizaner Horse Stud at Lipica

How much time should be allotted for a visit to the Lipica Stud? I know the guided tours are approx. 50 minutes. Is it possible to stroll the grounds? If so, how much time should be allowed?

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The farm is huge. I drove through it and stopped briefly a few times along the roads to snap some horse pictures, but I didn't feel like I was allowed to. I didn't see anywhere to stroll unattended. I parked at the main building and didn't stay along - I think they didn't like my fancy camera (someone official asked me if I had a "press pass" and of course I didn't). Maybe there was a some sort of event that day - a show? - but I didn't stay for a tour. The idea that I couldn't take pictures while there soured me on the idea.

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You can get a performance and studfarm tour pass, the performance lasts 45 minutes and the tour about 45 minutes but most people stay on at the end and watch the horses in the paddocks so allow about 2 hours and maybe more if you look in the souvenir shop and get a drink at the café.
There are also a few great restaurants just over the border In basovizza!

Have a great visit!
greg and rona