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Vignette - tolling system for highways while driivng in Slovenia

Can anyone tell me more about the Vignette system. We will be driving from Salzburg to Ljubljana in June and our hotel told us that we needed to make sure to buy a vignette.
Dean Jerome

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Both Austria and Slovenia require Vignettes for driving on the Autobahns / avtocesta. These are toll stickers which you fix on your windscreen. Instead of the toll being based on distance, it is based on the number of days, it is therefore a lot cheaper to administer. Vignettes are available for various periods (week, month, year, but ech country is different).
You can usually buy them at the border, this is the normal way for for tourists to buy them. Otherwise garages or post offices usually sell them.
Click here for a photo of an Austrian 10-day vignette.
If you are getting a hire car, you can ask when you pick up the car. Hire cars usually already have annual vignettes for the country.

If it is a hire car, I hope you are bringing it back to Austria. One-way car hire from one country to another is very expensive.

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When we rented our car we indicated that we would be taking it out of the country and the rental company had the vignette on the car and also the necessary insurance papers. Agree that returning the car to a different country will be very expensive. If you're not returning the car to Austria, it might be better to take the train or fly to Ljubljana and rent a car there if you plan on driving in Slovenia.

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we rented a car in Italy, took it into Slovenia for 3 days, returned with car to Italy. there was a toll booth at the border, were able to by a vignette there, pulled over at first gas station to apply it. have fun!!!!

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Make sure you check with the car rental agency and let them know you are taking the car to Slovenia. Not all car rental companies will allow you to take their car there. As you near the border watch the signs on the highway and they will say "Vignette" telling you that at that exit you can buy one, available at the gas station. We noticed a couple exits prior to the border listing it was available right on the highway sign. Make sure you buy it before you cross into the country (Austria and Slovenia each have their own) We looked at other cars to see where exactly it was placed on other cars.

Years ago when we were in Austria we had someone come up and tell us we had affixed our vignette to the wrong location of the windshield. He helped us relocate it. The placement didn't seem as critical when we were in Slovenia.