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Venice to Slovenia

We are trying to see how we can get into Slovenia from Venice. On researching a bit, we read that there are trains from Venice to Trieste and we can take a taxi from there to Sezana .
1.Is this the best way to get into Slovenia right now , seeing that there is no direct train from Venice to Ljubljana ? Most of the posts I read were a bit old and some are a bit confusing . We dont want to take the bus and our very last option is to take a flight (though I didnt see any direct flights )
2. Did anybody do the taxi ride from Trieste to Sezana ? Any idea on prices ?
3.We wouldnt mind renting a car at Sezena either . Are there any options to do so ? We wanted to do a road trip in Slovenia primarily , so we could drive around and finally drop off the car in Ljubljana.

Thanks in advance !

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The train to Ljubljana also leaves from the railway station Villa Opicina, which is much closer to the city centre. I advise strongly to have an overnight stay in Trieste. A most elegant and pleasant city.
An alternative route into (or out of) Slovenia is via Gorizia. From that railway station you need a taxi to the station Nova Gorica in the Slovenian part of the city. That's a beautiful train trip to Jesenice going along (and stopping at) Lake Bled. In Jesenice you can pick up a train to Ljubljana.

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Deutsche Bahn suggests taking the train to Trieste, then the Arriva bus to Ljubljana. 4 hours 54 minutes.
Looking at the schedule. It is 1 hours and 45 minutes train ride from Sezana to Ljubljana, and 1 hours and 40 minutes for the bus from Trieste to Ljubljana, so it is cutting out the middle journey since it takes longer and more hassle. Also, it appears that Arriva is owned by DB. There is a 1 hour and 9 minute connection time in Trieste.

You could also get a train from Villa Opcina, Italy to Ljubljana connecting in Sezana (or Divaca) in about the same time. Villa Opcina is about 3 miles north of Trieste Centrale, so it would be a cheaper taxi ride. The connection time is 44 minutes, which would seem to be plenty.

There are also connections in Gorizia/Nova Gorica where you have to make a cross town bus ride over the border to change stations (or a taxi). That way takes a lot longer, like 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 hours.

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The above-mentioned website of the Deutsche Bahn has a pan-European railway planner. It is the easiest tool to find connections. Regional trains in Italy don't come with reservations. Buy tickets at the railway station. The same is for trains in Slovenia.

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16166 posts will not show the route via Villa Opcina. Requires two separate searches, Venezia S. Lucia to Trieste Centrale, and Villa Opcina to Ljubljana.

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If you wanted to rent a car in Slovenia, take the bus or a taxi from Trieste to Koper and rent a car there, returning it in Ljubljana. If you want to go directly to Ljubljana, there is no need to take a taxi to Sezana anymore. As others have mentioned, the train from Sezana now actually starts in Villa Opicina, a suburb of Trieste. You can reach the train station by local bus, historic tram or taxi from Trieste Centrale.