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Update Texasmum and Dave for trip ;)

Finally, our trip is getting closer
We leave Prague May 14 for three days in Krems in Austria. Then we start our Slovenia adventure.

First off will be Maribor where we will be staying close to the center. Hope to taste some wine and stroll around the city. If anybody has any other suggestions that would be awesome.

Then two days in the Logar Valley. Wasn’t able to get the tourist farm but did find something nice. Hope to do a couple of hikes up there if anybody has any suggestions again that would be great.

For Ljubljana for 4 nights as we got a good deal on a hotel and don’t wanna rush around. One day we will probably go out to the caves and castle, another day we may cycle around the city and day to the food market, which is why we will be there on a Friday.

This part is a little backwards, but that’s what happened with accommodation in Bohinj . We will stay and do a couple of hikes. If anybody has any favorites, feel free to let us know.

Then three days back to Bled we will do the gorge, the lake and something else before heading to Austria

We are interested in doing the car train ride I think in Bohinj so we could go back there and do the train ride and then drive to Austria. Does that sound like a good plan?

We have a floating day which is the 30th. I’m thinking about we will have a total of just over two weeks in Slovenia. Getting excited about finally doing this trip.