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Trip Planning: Slovenia and northern Croatia

My wife and I are planning a trip to Slovenia and northern Croatia. My proposed itinerary is as follows:
Fly into Zagreb - rent car and drive to Ljubljana - 2 nights in Ljubljjana
2-3 nights in Lake Bled/Lake Bohinj area
Drive through Julian Alps; 2 nights in Kobarid
Drive to Postojana caves and to Rovinj, Croatia; 2-3 nights in Rovinj
Plitvice National Park; 1-2 nights near or in the park
Drive to Zagreb; 1-2 nights before flying back to US
Questions I have:
1) Is this doable in late September (last 2 weeks) or would spring be a better time?
2) I have driven a good bit in western Europe, but never in central or Eastern Europe. Is there anything extra I should consider when driving in Slovenia and Croatia?
3) Is it feasible to drive from Kobarid to Rovinj in one day with a stop at Postojana Caves or should we spend one night near the caves?
4) I have looked at flying into and out of Venice and Ljubljana, but Zagreb seems to fit our preferences better. Is there something else I should consider about flying into Zagreb, and are there other options available I am not aware of which would fit in with this itinerary?
We plan to visit Dubrovnik and other areas of Croatia, but that will have to wait for a later time, maybe Spring of next year

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  1. Yes, doable in September. The fall color should be delightful.
  2. Generally nice roads. In cities, roads can be narrow and you will need to be more careful. Be sure you have your vignette for Slovenia.
  3. No advice since I haven’t done this.
  4. I think flight schedules and price would be your best considerations. And only you can determine that. Of course, there are always other options, but if Zagreb fits your schedule and budget, why not.

Use your higher number of nights if at all possible for everywhere except Plitvice. One night there is fine.

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3. Stay near caves - either Postojana or Skocjan. Visit next day, then easy drive to Rovinj.