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Travel to Slovenia

Hello! We are planning a trip to Slovenia (Lake Bled and Bohinj) and the Istrian region of Croatia in June. Would it be easier to enter this region from Austria, Germany or Italy? We prefer to use trains and make use of stopovers to see quaint places on the way whenever possible. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Trains and buses can be a challenge the further east you go in Europe. We used Go Opti for a van shuttle from Verona to Ljubljana. It was €52 for two people!

Slovenia is part of the EU and there are no borders to cross in the countries you list.

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Mila - this is my favorite part of all Europe. Be sure to visit Piran and the Vintgar Gorge in Slovenia on your way down to Istria. As for the approach, Germany does not border Slovenia and it really doesn't matter greatly whether you are coming from Austria or Italy as there is no border of note. There is a border, however, between Slovenia and Croatia as you will be leaving the Schengen Zone. When we have done this trip, we have rented a car as public transport isn't that great and there are so many out of the way places to explore. I really would recommend you reconsider the train idea. The roads are great and safe.

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Emily - thanks for your response to this post. We are planning on a similar trip in September and checked into Vintgar Gorge. We'll certainly add it to our list of places to visit!

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Hi Mila - I visited Slovenia in September 2013. Flew into Croatia so I'll comment to using trains. Rent a car. The roads were easy to drive and easy to get around. Parking will be an issue in Lake Bled especially....but if you don't mind walking it'll be ok. You could take the train to Ljubljana and rent a car and drive to Lake Blek and Bohinj from there. Lake Bled is only 1 hour away and Bohinj perhaps 90 minutes. You could even stay away from Ljubjlana for a few nights. It would cost less than by train and you would have an opportunity to go as you please. I visited both Lake Bled and Bohinj by car (stayed in Radovljica). I wish I had not stayed near Lake Bled and just did a day trip. The day we stayed in Radovljica the weather is it took away some of the beauty and enjoyment of the 2 spots. If I stayed in Ljubjlana an additional night (we stayed there 2 nights anyway) I could have picked a nicer day to visit Lake Bled and Bohinj.

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To get to Slovenia by train is easy from Austria. From Villach.

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What to choose Postojna vs Škocjan within one day? How more difficult Škocjan is for an older but fit couple? If to skip Postojna should we see the castle? Where to stop on the from Villach to Bled? Places to see?
Thank you