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Travel in Ljubljana end of Dec/early January

Has anyone tried this during the Christmas/New Year time? My main concern is travel from Ljubljana to Milan to catch a flight back to USA. Has anyone used the GOOpti Shuttle? It seems a reasonable price but will it operate in January? I know we can do train but it's a bit long and complicated from Ljubljana to Milan. Thank you ahead of time.

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The GoOpti shuttle is fine and operates all the time but it does have to use the roads like all other vehicles, leaving you at the mercy of traffic conditions. A friend had to go to the airport in Milan in April and took the shuttle with hours to spare, however they happened to hit a massive traffic jam around Venice and he barely caught the flight, so do be careful! Ideally, look into staying overnight in Milan. Missing a transatlantic flight is something completely different to missing the next flight to London.

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By complicated (train), had you looked at taking the bus to Trieste and taking a train from there to Milan? And then connecting to the airport train? Agreed, that is more complicated than just hopping on a shuttle, and trains can experience delays too. Just wanted to make sure you'd looked at that option. But it sounds like a long shuttle ride, too, and personally, I'm more comfortable on trains - and a train in December would be less prone to weather delays I'd think than a shuttle van.

Could be you could spend the final night in Trieste or something and just hop on the train in the morning.

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Thank you both. I think I can figure a plan from here. I will leave the extra day, as I usually do that.