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Solčava Panoramic Road

Hi all,

We will be visiting Slovenia in mid-June and I am trying to plan an itinerary now. The current plan is to spend a night in Ljubljana before heading to Lake Bled area for 2 nights. After that, we plan on driving the Julian Alps loop via Bovec and spending a night around there before heading to Piran for a night. I would also love to see the Logar Valley, but not sure if I can fit it in.

Would it be too much to do the Solčava Panoramic Road green loop (as seen on the website here: on the day we drive to Lake Bled? Google says it is about 5 hours of driving but I'm not sure if that's accurate or not. Any advice would be much appreciated! If it's too much, we'll just go straight from Ljubljana to Bled via Skofja Loka.

Here's the drive I was considering:


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It seems quite a deroute, but it is doable. Although, if you're looking to have something out of Bled on the same day, I'd suggest going straight to Bled after coming to Kranj.

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Thanks Blazin. We have 2 nights in Bled so will have the full next day to explore. Do you think that's enough or should I just plan on going straight to Bled to have close to 2 full days there?

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Bled is doable on a single daytrip, let alone 2 nights. I recommend to see Bohinj lake on second day, perhaps the Waterfall Savica too.
In Bled, there's Vintgar Gorge as well as Mostnica Gorge, the Castle on top, and the island on the middle. You can rent a small boat to paddle to the island, instead of taking the "Pletna boat", because you can cruise around as you like and stop at small docks around the lake.
Consider seeing Kranjska Gora if you have the time, and Lake Jasna, perhaps even stretch it to Vršič Pass. It's all up to how you want to manage your time there, perhaps you want to relax more and go around less, but everything mentioned is doable in the time you have available.

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Thanks! Yep I had all those things included, I am mainly just trying to decide if I should or shouldn't do the Solčava Panoramic Road on the day we drive to Bled. Here's my current plan:

  • Day 1 - Arrive Ljubljana at 10:30am, explore, sleep Ljubljana
  • Day 2 - pick up rental car, Solčava Panoramic Road? Otherwise, some additional Ljubljana time in the morning and then drive to Bled via Skofja Loka and scenic route, sleep Bled
  • Day 3 - Explore Bled - perhaps Bohinj as well, sleep Bled
  • Day 4 - Vintgar gorge, Vrsic Pass, Bovec, Slap Kozjak and sleep somewhere on the way to Piran (not decided yet)
  • Day 5 - Skocjan cave, drive to Piran, sleep Piran
  • Day 6 - Options. Either head to Predjama castle and then straight back to Ljubljana for more time there or check out Rovinj and then head back. Sleep Ljubljana.
  • Day 7 - Early train to Vienna.

Any thoughts on the above?