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Soca Valley Whitewater

Hey all!
I'm going on the Best of Eastern Europe tour ending in Bled on May 31st. I'm an avid whitewater sports enthusiast (I've been a raft guide in Colorado for the last five summers), and I would love to get out to the Bovec area to do some whitewater kayaking. So my questions are as follows:
1. Has anybody here gone on any whitewater trips out of Bovec?
2. If so, which company did you use? Would you recommend them?
3. Can I get to Bovec by bus in a reasonably cheap, safe, and efficient manner? (I'm not old enough to rent a car yet. I've been looking at buses here - - but would love some further advice on that.)
4. Will I even have the strength to stand at the end of the tour?

Thanks all so much for your help!

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HI Cameron,

I don't have any answers for you, as we have not been yet, but this is something we would also like to do in late May. I was looking at Alpin Action between Kobarid and Bovec, but our plans are not firm and I have not contacted them. It seems like they have a hostel too, which might be good for you. I haven't looked at public transportation.

Good luck!

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Hi Cameron, I have been researching Slovenia as well as it is one possibility for my daughters' graduation trip. There are quite a few rafting companies with good reviews, and while I'm sure if you email them most will probably arrange transportation I have found one that says on its' website that it will arrange transportation from Bled. The Company is Life Adventures. Not sure how to add a link but here's my best shot.

Good Luck!

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Hi Cameron,

I've done the standard rafting trip with Top Extreme, a local company, last June. They were recommended by a friend of mine from the valley. Overall, I was very satisfied with the experience. The start was at Zaga, a little south of Bovec and we ended at Trnovo, about 10km or so downstream, where the demanding pro kayak course begins. The company then transported us back to the starting point. As long as you pick one of the local companies based in the Soca Valley, you really can't go wrong. Most of the (albeit rare) poor experiences I hear about are from companies that aren't familiar with the area.

The AP Ljubljana website is a good indicator of the bus trip ahead of you, it's going to be a long and winding journey. You can also use Google Maps to plan your journey, which since last year includes all public transportation in Slovenia, but it often takes odd routes, so YMMV.

Another note - most of the injuries that happen on the river involve people who are not familiar with the river, so please make sure to consult with the local guides about the conditions on the various stretches of the river if you decide to venture out on your own.

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Too late for Cameron, but in case someone else is researching, we ended up doing a kayaking trip with Positive Sport out of Kobarid after a recommendation from someone who had used them. They drove us in a van to the river where there were small changing booths and provided wetsuit, jacket, booties and spray skirt. We were the only two on our trip. I was nervous, but the kayaking was not too hard on the very easiest place we were taken, and the scenery was beautiful. It was drizzly and cool but that didn't matter once you have on a full body wetsuit. At the take out, there was another place to change and we were returned to the office in Kobarid. I am sure they could arrange trips for varying levels of ability. Cameron, hope you had a great trip too.