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Soca River - is it the best

The Soca River looks so beautiful in photos and videos. Is it truly the most beautiful in Slovenia (and beyond)? It's out of the way from our other places (the usual lineup of Bled, Bohinj, Ljubljana, etc.) but I can't talk myself out of that long drive because the gorgeous blue of the water is stuck in my mind. Is there any other river with comparable views that is closer to the main stops I mentioned?

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t's as beautiful as the pictures and worth the stop if you have time in your itinerary.

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I felt the same way. In fact the inspiration for my trip to Slovenia came from a photo Cameron Hewitt posted of the Soca river a few years ago. The river is beautiful, but I have to say it wasn't quite as glorious in color as I had expected. But the Vrsic Pass and the Soca Valley are definitely worth the day if you have it. I'm glad I experienced it.

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I re-worked our trip to dedicate 1 day to the Soca valley for exactly what you describe. We are staying in Bohinj and are going to take the motor rail train from Bohinjska Bistricato to Most na Soči in the am. You could also do that it reverse to take some time off the loop drive at the end.... Looks fun.

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It's really nice and pretty untrammeled from a travel standpoint. Great WW1 History museum in Kobarid. That would make a nice overnight spot. I will say that some of the pics I see might have been made a bit more "tropical" than I remember.

There's lots of beautiful rivers so I'd say no, but it's absolutely well worth visiting. The mountain setting is great, the drive is interesting. There's little places to stop and wander. And no, it's not at all out of the way.