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Slovenia trip booked!

So freaking excited to be heading to Slovenia in May/June of 21 days. Arr Zagreb, leave Venice, 10 days biking from Bled to Piran in between.

So ... a few questions:
1. We don't want to skimp on Ljubljana, so thinking 3-4 days there. How many days in Zagreb after we arrive?
2. Is it easy to go from Zagreb to Bled (I reckon via Ljubljana) in one day? We need to meet tour company in Bled. If we do this, we may be able to break our tour in Ljubljana and have our 3-4 days in the middle of the tour (it goes through Ljubljana). This may be more efficient use of time.
3. Balance of time in Piran vs Venice? We'd thought a couple of nights in Piran at the end of the tour to just relax. And recognize that we won't be able to do Venice justice on this trip, so it'll be a taste.

Thank you!


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Fun trip! Two nights with a full day in Zagreb will probably be right for most people. I basically had a full day there, saw pretty much what I wanted. But, I liked it a lot more than I thought I would, and kind of wished I had another night.

Getting from Zagreb to Bled should be easy enough. You’ll have to check the schedule, but I feel like busses from Ljubljana to Bled ran every 60-90 minutes. This could vary by time of year. Leave Zagreb early.

Three full days in Ljubljana ought to be plenty. Since you’re not day tripping from there, you could conceivably make it two full days if you’re feeling pressed.

Haven’t been to Piran, so that versus Venice is going to be up to you. Venice is Venice though, you can’t go wrong adding on time there, especially if it simplifies your travel.