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Slovenia ending in Vienna drive or train?

We are planning on spending 4-6 days around Triglavski Narodni Park, lake Bled, Ljubljana then ending our trip in Vienna. Would it be a nice drive to meander out way north to Vienna by car? Or should we just loop back to Ljubljana, drop the car, and catch the train to Vienna? We are probably renting the car in Zagreb, if that affects any comment.

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Drop off charges would be tough on your pocketbook for a rental car turned in at Vienna.
The train takes something like 6 hours.
You can get there faster on a bus or shuttle van. See or

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Thanks, I just checked it out and it is as much as $400 but we aren't looking for a fast way, we want to make it scenic. Looked at dropping the car at Ljubljana, taking train to Graz and renting another car there. But after adding it all up, we were only saving $100 and would have the hassle factor. So we will continue to mull on this. Thanks!

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You really need to check on what the add'l charges for the rental car would be if you drop in Vienna vs. Ljubljana. It seems to me that if you rent the car in Zagreb you'll probably already have add'l drop off charges to drop it in Ljubljana so you might want to compare the two charges (Ljubljana or Vienna) to see if they are the same. If they are, it would make sense to drive to Vienna and drop the car there.

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It's not a bad train or bus ride from Zagreb to Ljubljana. Maybe the car could be picked up and dropped off in Slovenia to avoid the possible high drop fee.

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I've done that route by train. I thought it was quite pretty and a nice way to get to Vienna. I did train from Zagreb to Ljubljana and spent a few days there and then the train on to Vienna. On one of those legs we went through some beautiful, lush scenery.