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Slovenia Caves

I am trying to decide which of the 2 caves to visit in Slovenia - Postojna or Skocjan. I am 70 years old but work out 3 days a week. I am in okay shape but basically am old. Is Skocjan worth the effort or would Postojna do? Going in Oct.

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Have been only to Skocjan. I honestly don't recall it being that strenuous, though unlike Postojna there is more walking. I would think anyone in reasonable shape could handle Skocjan.

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I didn't find it particularly strenuous, either. I was 63 at the time of my visit. There's a sloping downhill walk from the ticket office to the cave. It can be slippery if there has been rain. There are some metal steps (with rails) inside the cave, but probably not enough to be an issue. I will say that I found Skocjan a bit dark. When the guide mentioned differences of color between cave formations, I really could not discern them.

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I have only been to Skocjan and agree about the metal stairs. If you are healthy and take it slow I cant see that you would have a problem. Hold on to the hand rails. It is rather dark but I enjoyed how immense the spaces were and the large river rushing through it. Havent been in a cave like that.

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I have only been to Postojna. After the train ride, you walk up a short, winding, pretty steep section, then back down. There are railings all along the way. After coming back down, you walk continuously for about 10-15 minutes along mostly flat areas before stopping again. The pace is steady but not fast. There were a wide range of ages in our tour and everyone did fine.