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Salzburg to Ljubljana

Ok, I like to consider myself a fairly intelligent person, but I'm struggling to figure this out. My wife and I are planning on staying the night of December 23rd in Salzburg and want to take the earliest morning train out to Ljubljana, but I'm having trouble figuring out which train I should take. The earliest I can see is a 6:15 AM departure that arrives nearly 8 hours later in Ljubljana. The other two I see are 10:12 and 14:12 respectively. I'm guessing these are the only times, or is there another rail I should consider?

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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The 10:12 option is only 4 1/4 hours compared to the earlier 6:15 departure. I also see a bus leaving at 5:15am that makes a transfer at Munich and arrives at 12:39. There's more train departures at 16:12 and another bus at 21:20 if you wanted the entire list for the day.

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Thanks Jean. I guess our goal is to get there preferably in the morning so we have the entire day to spend in Ljubljana. So we're looking at some form of transportation (outside of rental car) that will get us there before noon. Thanks again!

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Especially if you're not driving, Ljubljana should be a two night stay. I'm sure the holiday lighting will be quite photo, as well as hand-in-hand strolling, worthy then!

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There is no other rail and your times are correct. As this will be Christmas Eve, I would highly suggest that you make a seat reservation if you end up taking the train.

Looking at the Rome2Rio website, it seems there is the possibility of a bus on Globtour, but when I visit that website I can't find the routing. The bus, however, looks to take about 4 hours and 15 minutes.