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Return from Slovenia - Wonderful place!

Just want to say thank you for all the good advice on our recent trip to Greece, Italy and Slovenia in early April. Following our Greece and Italy tour we arrived in Trieste, Italy mid morning on a flight from Rome. This was easy and economical! We hired a driver from Go Opti. They met us at the airport on time and in about an hour and half we were in Ljubljana. The driver was nice, but spoke very little English so not much conversation. The ride was a great opportunity to view the countryside of Slovenia. We stayed at Strict City Apartments while in Ljubjana ( 4 nights). The apartment was newly renovated, clean, large and very comfortable. The only downside, but not a big problem, our apartment was four flights up! They are in the process of putting in an elevator which will be a nice touch. The owners are a young couple that were pleasant and very helpful. We ended up staying an extra night because my husband became ill with pneumonia and they were very accommodating allowing us to stay an extra night at a reduced rate. We had to use the emergency room in Ljubljana. This was scary to be in a foreign country and needing medical care. Just be prepared to pay in cash at the hospital. My husband saw two Doctors, had an x-ray and blood tests all for 67 Euros! We were amazed and relieved at the cost. We traveled to other parts of Slovenia from Ljubljana which worked very well. Amazingly in such a short time we were able to track down one of my husband's relatives in Ribnica. We went to the local church Parish in town and asked to see their historical records. In these books we located his family. Most had passed on, but a half cousin was still alive at the exact address that we were in possession of. This information was well over 70 years old! We had a great time visiting even though neither of us spoke each others language. We were fortunate enough by the grace of God to find a translator along the way who was very helpful and ended spending the entire day with us. We enjoyed some great home made wine with this family and one other family, although not related to us, knew our family members. We had a great deal of fun and found Slovenia to be a wonderful destination and plan to go back eventually. This forum was extremely helpful in the planning of our trip.

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