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Rent a Car or Hire a Driver to tour the Julian Alps

My fiance and I are planning to go to Slovenia and Croatia for our Honeymoon. We are trying to figure out if it would be best to rent a car and drive through the Julian alps ourselves or to hire a driver. Clearly renting a car should be less expensive, but if I am driving and focusing on the road, will I be missing all of the sights? Hopefully someone can help us with our plan.


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If both of you want to enjoy scenery then it would be safer to hire a driver. If you drive yourself then certainly would be better to miss sights than a road curve.

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I did the drive by myself a couple of years ago, and I didn't feel like I was missing much scenery just because I was also driving. I stopped frequently.

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I wouldn't bother with a driver, there are plenty of opportunities to stop and take in the sights, including small picnic areas and plenty of lookout points.

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Driving in Slovenia was not difficult, in my experience. Do just give yourselves permission to take your time and stop for anything.