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rain in Slovenia in August

How much rain should I expect travelling around Slovenia in August. Also what weight of jacket would you recommend?

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I spend most Augusts in Istria, just south of Slovenia. I take a light nylon rain jacket made by Stormtech with a fold-out hood. Any light jacket will do in August, and if you plan to go up the Julian Alps you can layer it over a good fleece or merino jacket. A small umbrella is a good idea, and can be bought there. Check the weather reports online - this year it was/is exceptionally hot and dry in Istria, so you may not need any rain jackets. After years of Goretex obsessing, I discovered that a light jacket with plenty of vents is good for my daily walks in the summer. Again, if you are going mountain walking, different story, take your better gear - it costs much more over there, as it is often imported brand name stuff, or from expensive German or Austrian companies. Slovenia is in the EU and has sales tax and the usual boutique stores. Avoid totally sealed nylon jackets like K-Way as they do not breathe, and humid summer storms will leave you wet from the inside out. You can buy those over there for emergencies. It just depends how bad weather shifts south. I use Accuweather as my go-to website, it is scientific and accurate. Great part of the world.

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Thank you. I appreciate your insight. I was considering taking a Gortex-type Patagonia jacket and wondered if it would be too much. I have a lighter REI jacket, but it is not totally water proof.

We haven't decided where to go in Slovenia aside from Lake Bled and Ljubliana. We will be in Croatia first, make our way to Slovenia, and end up in Vienna. After a small ship cruise along the Dalmatian coast we will have another 12 days.