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Questions on My Tentative Mount Triglav Itinerary

I'm planning to hike Mount Triglav solo in late September, and am starting to solidify my plans. The itinerary I'm thinking about is as follows...

• Friday and Saturday. I'm booked to stay in Bled both nights. I'll be getting into Bled on Friday evening and am planning to explore the area the following day.

• Sunday. I'd get an early start from Bled and drive my rental car to the the Krma route trailhead or Pokljuka route trailhead. As long as the weather is looking okay by the time I reach the alpine huts near Triglav, I'd summit Triglav that afternoon and then make my way down past the Dolicu hut to the Prehodavcih hut. (If the weather isn't great, I'd instead stay the night at the Kredicaria hut or Planika hut, and summit the following morning.)

• Monday. From the Prehodavcih hut, I'd continue down the Seven Lakes route to the Savici hut trailhead, and then get a ride to my hotel in Bohinj.

• Tuesday. I'd get a ride back to my rental car, which as mentioned would either be at the Krma trailhead or Pokljuka trailhead.

I'm open to any feedback and suggestions folks have! I also have a few specific questions...

1) As touched on, I haven't yet decided whether I'd ascend via the Krma route or Pokljuka route. Any recommendations? I'm a pretty experienced hiker, so assuming they're reasonably comparable, I'd prefer to take the more scenic of the two, whichever that is.

2) From the top of the Krma and Pokljuka routes, what's the better route to the summit, the trail that takes you past the Kredarica hut or the trail that takes you past the Planika hut?

3) As mentioned, I'd like to leave myself the flexibility to stay at Kredarica or Planika if the weather isn't looking okay for a Sunday afternoon summit, in which case I'd instead summit the following morning. Would that require me to hold two reservations, one for the Kredarica or Planika hut, and the other for the Prehodavcih hut? Or is there generally day-of availability for a Sunday night in late September?

4) How is the descent heading west from the summit towards the Dolicu hut? There's a lot written about ascending and descending the summit from the east, but I haven't been able to find as much about descending the summit heading west.

5) For the end of the day on Monday, what's my best bet for getting a ride from the Seven Lakes trailhead, at the Savici hut, to my hotel in the Bohinj area? Is there a bus? If not, is it relatively easy to get a taxi? About how much would I pay?

6) For Tuesday morning, what's my best bet for getting a ride from a hotel in the Bohinj area to my rental car, which would be at either the Krma trailhead or Pokljuka trailhead?

7) Any recommendations on where to rent via ferrata equipment in Bled before departing for the hike?

Thanks in advance!

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I have been watching this post hoping you would get some up to date responses. I climbed Mt Triglav in 2016, and it was a great experience. I am adding a link that will "transport you" back to 2016 as it has some information that may help you. (particularly web sites I used to make decisions.)

As you can see, I did not get any responses before we did our climb. Apparently, not a lot of forum users have climbed Triglav. If I can be of any other assistance, please feel free to private message me with questions. We did the Pokjuka route via Planlika. We did climb all the way up the first day, and then returned to Planika for the night. We came down the way we went up so did not need to look for a ride to our car. You can google videos of people climbing different routes on Youtube. That might help you decide which route looks best for you. As I said in my original post, we chose the route that we felt gave us the best chance for success. We hiked September 5 & 6th, and the weather looked really iffy the day before. (lots of rain, possible snow at the top) We would not have gone if it had been rainy as things get slippery on the big rocks that you have to navigate. We lucked out with a beautiful day. (We went to bed thinking we would not make it past Planika and woke up to a great weather forecast) Great experience overall. I believe the Kredicaria route is a little more difficult from the hut to the top but do can not say from first hand experience If you google sporting goods stores in Bled you will find places to rent equipment Really try to go on a week day. If it is busy, it will take a lot longer as it is one way. Coming down, you will have to stop to let other groups pass you. . Some things we had to decide:

Bring climbing ropes from home or rent there (We brought from home)

Will our car be safe at the trailhead? We opted to keep our room (we were staying on a farm about 1/2 mile out of town. It was less than 50 Euros a night in 2016). When we got there, we were warned by numerous people of the car thefts that happen at the trailhead. We also would have had a place to stay if the weather had been so bad we didn't even attempt to hike. I don't like wasting money, but in the end I am glad we did that. We were there 4 nights, and on night 3 we slept at Planilka.

If you choose 2 different routes, I would go up the more difficult one. (if it were me) I found coming down more concerning than going up. I think that is because you are looking straight down on where you would end if you fell. (there are places where that is a long, long way down)

Have fun!

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Thanks, Connie!

I've been able to figure out answers to some of my questions by continuing my research online. Still sorting through some of the logistics, though.

I appreciate your response, and for your pointing me towards your previous thread, which was helpful. 😊

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You are welcome. I spent much time researching the climb but it all paid off in the end. It's hard to plan from so far away and not being able to ask anyone who really knows how it is there. I will say this: We drove all the way to the end of the road to start the hike. It was easy to find and follow the trail. Between the signs that are posted and our map, we had no route finding issues.

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I sent you a private message. Because it included a contact's name, I didn't was to post it publicly.

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Sounds like you might want to do this solo, but if not, here is a link to a guide service that offers Mount Triglav summit trips that fit your Sunday/Monday schedule. Perhaps that would eliminate some of the transportation and rental issues.

Whatever you choose to do, I hope you post a trip update. I would love to hear about your experiences in the Park.

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And here is a hop on - hop off bus that seems to cover the trailheads you are using.