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Public Transportation around Lake Bled

Hello...we are looking to travel to the Lake Bled area in the Spring of 2018. Since we always depend on public transportation whenever we travel to Europe, I would like to know if there is public transport to/from/around Lake Bled.
Thank you, as always.

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I believe the nearest train station is Lesce Bled, which is not particularly close to the lake. I took buses from Ljubljana to the station quite near the lake (which I believe is the second station in town. There are also buses byond Lake Bled to Lake Bohinj, but I don't think they run as often. I'm not aware of buses thst run sround the lake. It's actually quite small. I walked around it, but I don't remember how long it took.

In 2015 there was usually a van-sized taxi hanging out at the Bled bus station right before the Ljubljana bus was due to depart, offering 7-euro (?) rides back to Ljubljana, subject to being able to fill the vehicle. That semed a good deal since it was faster than the (perfectly comfortable ) bus. I never saw taxis in Ljubljana trying to put together groups for rides to Bled, however.

Things may have changed in the last two years, but during my trip I got together with other travelers I met at the Bled bus station to share taxis to places like Lake Bohinj because the shared cost was rather low and it made for more efficient travel.

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There are bus and train services to Bled from various places. There are two train stations serving the town, the main station is in the nearby town of Lesce, a short bus or taxi ride away. The main bus station is close to the lake and many centrally located hotels. There are other bus stops around town, though. You can find the closest to your hotel with Google Maps, which also shows bus and train connections.

The town itself and the lake are small enough to not require using public transportation to get around, all the sights can be reached on foot, except for the island, which will require a boat ride. It takes about an hour to 90 minutes to walk around the perimeter of the lake.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer. We certainly appreciate it.

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It's about 3 miles around the lake, with some spots to stop for photos and snacks... for bonus points you can walk up the hill to the castle

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The name of the train station closer to the lake is Bled Jezero, but it's usefulness depends on your direction of travel; some schedules are better from Lesce Bled.