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Possibly useful website about border crossing times

Was wondering how to get accurate info on border crossing wait times between Slovenia and Croatia, and found this interesting website:
Under Findings there is a graph of wait times for an entire year at one of the crossing points.

and the web page it describes that aggregates some wait times is here:

Just an FYI in case you find this useful.

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Both the Slovenian motorway authority and the Croatian motoring club have real time data on border crossing wait times. The Slovenian website is, the Croatian website is

The Slovenian website also has a traffic forecast tool:

Historical data on its own without context can be a bit misleading as public and school holidays don’t always fall on the same dates throughout the years.

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Thank you very much. I'll definitely save these links. Fortunately our trip to Slovenia and Croatia isn't until early September; unfortunately our two border crossings are on Friday and Saturday. I am particularly interested in crossing from SLO to HR on the way to Plitvice and how the border crossing might impact our trip time since we have timed tickets at Plitvice. This will really help. I realize there are no absolutes here so will allow extra time for the crossing no matter what the forecast shows.

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In September should be fine and there are also crossing with less traffic- no motorway.

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We crossed a few times in both directions on non-motorways in September - we hardly knew we were crossing a border except for the Slovenia or Croatia country sign.

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Thanks. Very good to know it should not be an issue. Thanks for the info about the non-motorway crossings: the lines may be shorter. It looks like as a non-EU citizen I'm restricted to certain crossings. Here is a list of crossing points for 'all passengers':

So when we're driving from Rovinj to Skocjan, if the lines did look bad at Plovania, perhaps try Kastel?