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Phone calls within Slovenia

We'll soon be traveling to Slovenia and will need to call various relatives in Slovenia during our trip. I see lots of info about calling from Europe to the US, but what about calling from a US cellphone while in Europe/Slovenia to a Slovenian cellphone or home phone? Verizon charges $10/day and that will get expensive since we'll be there for 12 days. Does anyone have good tips to share?

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Similar as in other European countries.
If "dialling" from another area: 0{Area Code} {number}
The "0" is the prefix to get a different area, similar to the "1" in North America. Area Codes are usually quoted with the "0"
The length of the area code and number are variable.

If calling from a foreign phone (including your US cellphone): +386 {Area Code} {number}
386 is the country code for Slovenia
The "0" on the Area Code is no longer required
The "+" is the prefix for an International Call from a cellphone. From a landline it is 00386 etc.

An example for calling telephones in Ljubljana is as follows:

  • xxx xx xx (within Ljubljana)
  • 01 xxx xx xx (within Slovenia)
  • +386 1 xxx xx xx (outside Slovenia)

Lots of info here:

Edit: The country code for the USA is "1", so: +1 {Area Code} {number}

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$10 a day is very expensive. If your phone is not locked on one operator, you can buy Slovenian preloaded SIM card and use it as you want. Perhaps, if you can't use Slovenian SIM card I would buy a cheap phone in Slovenia just for calls and you can get some for 20/30 EUR.

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Thank you both for sharing your knowledge. I will look into getting a SIM card in Slovenia.