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More time in Bled or Ljubljana?

I arrive in Slovenia on a Saturday after a very long flight. I'm trying to decide whether I should stay in Ljublijana Saturday night, or Bled. I definitely want to stay in Bled Sunday night for an Alps tour. But I'm wondering how much there is to do in Bled on a Saturday night. There might be more dinner options, concerts, etc in Ljubljana. Is Ljubljana worth its own day? Any recommendations of things to do in Bled besides the lake?

Any recommendations for lodging, either place, where young travelers will encounter other international travelers?

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When are you going (what time of year)? What are your interests when traveling?

I love Ljubljana - it's one of my favorite cities in Europe. I find it charming and vibrant. But, I like cities. So I would stay in Ljubljana without question.

Lake Bled is beautiful. The town of Bled is OK but not especially charming in my opinion. There are plenty of restaurants - but it's a tourist town, and in the high season (or so I'm told - only been to Slovenia in May or September), it gets busy. Ljubljana is getting more tourists than it used to, but it's still more of a real city not just a tourist town. There are more restaurant options there and certainly more going on than Bled, but you won't really be in either town very long.

Ljubljana is not a big city and doesn't really require a lot of time to explore it, but it's worth AT LEAST it's "own day" in my view.

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Definitely Ljubljana but if possible, stay longer than one day. it's "worth" a much longer visit. It's an amazing city with lots to see and do, and a wonderfully vibrant feel. Bled can be done as a day trip or one overnight if you have a tour departing from there. We stayed in the hotel Mrak each time we visited. I, too, easily fell in love with this city, have been back a few times and hope to return soon. I couldn't tell for sure how much time you have for both Ljubljana and Bled. Just two days?.

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Another vote for Ljubljana! As mentioned upthread, we too love this charming, picturesque city. We spent 4 nights there last September prior to the start of our tour of the Adriatic. I would highly recommend more time to explore this quaint city. If you are there for dinner our favorite restaurant was Julija. We ate there 3 times! We stayed at Mescanka Apartments on the river. The vibe along the river was amazing. Great area to encounter other international traveler's.

Lake Bled is lovely. We spent a half day walking the lake and enjoyed lunch with a view. We felt the time spent there was perfect.

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Yep! We were there in April. Agree with more time in Ljubljana! We stayed 4 days there and 1-1/2 days in Lake Bled. We went to a free folk dance at night in Bled but other than that it’s quiet in the evening.