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Making cell phone call within Ljubljana

I have read similar Topics, but it still is not clear to me. Throughout the 2023 RS tour guide, Ljubljana phone numbers are shown as either +386 1 xxx xxxx, or, +386 x1 xxx xxx. A particular Ljubljana boat cruise company whom I need to call when in Ljubljana shows on its website a phone number of +386 41 xxx xxx. So, which and how many digits do I actually press when dialing from my cell to a Ljubljana number while in Ljubljana? Also, I do not understand why some Ljubljana numbers have the numeral 1 as the first number after the 3-digit country code, while others have the numeral 1 as the second number after the country code.

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The first thing to remember is that if you have not changed the SIM card on your
phone to a local #, then it is as if you are calling from the US even if you are in
Slovenia, since your originating # is a US one.

The first digit after the country code (386) is the area/city code. Ljubljana is 1, so anything
with a 1 is truly Ljubljana. Other numbers with different area codes are not actually
Ljubljana numbers, doesn't matter where the business is located; it's probably a cell
number that was contracted for in a different city.

I can always be wrong, but I think you think the 1 has the same meaning if it's the first
or the second digit after +386. This is not the case.