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Ljubljana day trip or sleep in Bled ?

Hi !
we have plan to have 5-6nights for Ljublana, Bled, Bohind, Vrsic pass, Vintgar gorge and Kobarid. Our initial plan was 2 nights for Ljublana, 2 nights fo bled and one for Kobarid. To reduce packing and unpacking maybe we could 4 days in Ljublana and do Daytrip to Bled, Bohinj and Vintgar frome there (that would means at least two days go and return). On the last day we could do the Vrisc pass (so third time more or less same road) and and sleep around Kobarid.

What would you do ?

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I did almost the identical thing you are asking about: 3 nights in Ljubljana and 2 nights in Kobarid, with a day trip to Bohinj and Bled. (Vintgar Gorge was closed when I was there in mid-May because they had very bad weather over the winter that damaged the paths. This was 2014. I ended up visiting Tolmin Gorge, near Kobarid, instead, and it was terrific, and I think I passed maybe one other group of visitors the entire hour-plus I was there.)

I drove to Bohinj via Škofja Loka, which in itself was a pleasant short stop, but the scenery between there and Bohinj was some of the most stunning I've seen anywhere.

Some people seem to like Bled as a place to spend a couple of days. I just walked around the lake, up to the castle and back down, and stopped for Kremsnita at an outdoor cafe. I didn't take the boat ride to the island, which in retrospect I probably should have done. I will leave it to others to tell you if they think staying overnight in Bled is worthwhile.

On the fourth morning, I stopped at Zale Cemetery in Ljubljana ( and at the beekeeping museum in Radovljica (, both stops I enjoyed a lot. Then drove over Vršič Pass on the way to Kobarid, arriving in time for dinner.

If I were going to recommend a plan for a friend who's never been there, this is exactly what I'd suggest.

Have a wonderful trip!

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We exactly did that and spent the 5 nights in Bled. We did Vrsic pass and to Kobarid, saw the moving war museum there, and went back by going towards Bohinj lake