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Ljublijana day trip to Adriatic Sea by car - which city?

In September I will be flying into Ljublijana and will have a day and a half there before going to Lake Bled. After checking out the city of Ljublijana, I was wondering about a day trip to the ocean. I will have a car. I am interested in taking a swim, walking the city, enjoying any local markets and architecture, and taking in a local cafe meal (not a big museum person). What city would you recommend?
Opatija, or
Island of Krk.

Thank you!

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Trieste is the only proper city on your list, although short on beaches. I would combine it with nearby Piran for a bit of beach time and a more intimate setting in contrast to the grandiose city center of Trieste.

Rovinj is also a lovely town, although not too dissimilar to Piran and further south, making driving times longer, especially since you would have to wait at the border twice. It may be a breeze, but there very well may be long queues.

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Rovinj is well worth a visit- beautiful small town by crystal clear sea, perfect for a day trip. Lots of nice restaurants to relax and ejoy a meal and the excellent Croatian wine by the harbour.

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I believe Rovijn is far too far for a day trip.

Trieste is a wonderful city but no beaches. If you went to Trieste overnight you could combine that visit with a trip to Miramare Castle and see the waterfront at Grignano. Still not a beach. The closest beach is not on your list - Koper (Kapodistria, literally the Capital of Istria) is where Triestines go when they want a beach.

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In my view, 1-1/2 days is not too long in Ljubljana. It's a very congenial city with a lot of potential for wandering around, some museums, a castle, a market. If I absolutely felt I needed an additional experience in that area, I'd choose either Piran or Trieste. I do like Rovinj, but it's too far to go on a day trip. And I would definitely pick Zagreb over Opatija; they'd require rather similar travel time, I believe.

If you're flying into Ljubjlana from a long distance away and may experience jetlag, I urge you not to plan to leave the city before you head to Bled.