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Lipica Stud Farm ?

I have gone back several months and have not seen any experiences or questions regarding the tours where they raise and train the beautiful Lippinzanner ( spelling ? ) horses. This sounds wonderful to me. Has anyone visited here? Was it worth the time ? We would take this in during a trip to the Skocjan Caves. We have 3 nights, 2 days in Ljubljana, so one day in the city, and one day driving south to caves is our plan.

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Marilyn, we went to the farm, the caves and the "beach" at Piran as a day trip from Ljubljana. Although it was a long day, the training session with the horses was worth the trip. Be careful to check out the website to be sure events are on the day you want to be there.

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Thank you all for your replies. What prompted this question was when I looked into a tour leaving Ljubljana for the day that took in the caves, the castle, the Stud Farm and a winery. I emailed the tour place and asked when the tour would be at the farm, as I could not tell if it would take in the training/performing . The tour place didn't answer my question but referred my email to the Lipica Farm ! I did hear back from the farm, with all the information, and I did check out Trip Advisor. It was all helpful, and I think we have decided to rent a car and be on our own time schedule and make sure we can be there at the correct times. We hope to take in the other sights as well, but have some control over our timing. This is a trip celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary and Slovenia and Croatia are a new addition to our 3rd trip to Italy. Sure takes a lot of planning. These forums are so helpful. I appreciate your help !