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Languages in Slovenia

I read that the official languages of Slovenia are Slovenian, Hungarian, and Italian. Has anyone had experience using Italian while traveling there? Did it go well?

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We have been twice and always spoke English and everyone there spoke English to us !

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I don't know about official languages but most Slovenian don't speak Hungarian or Italian. But besides Slovenian many understand and some speak similar language Croatian, many speak German and even more English, young people almost all of them.

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In the most popular tourist destinations of Slovenia Italian is spoken, especially by workers in the Hospitality industry. Lots of Italians vacation there and many Slovenians cross the border to Italy even for just shopping. The Istrian peninsula was actually part of Italy before WW2 so there is a sizable Italian community and they receive Italian TV signal. However they also speak English, so unless you have a preference to speak Italuan you can use English.

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Slovenian Istria (Koper, PIran, etc.) used to be part of Italy, and is still officially bilingual. That's the part of Slovenia where you're most likely to find Italian spoken. But I too have had little trouble getting by with English in Slovenia.