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Lake Bled - day trip from Ljubljana or stay there for 1-2 nights?

We will be traveling around Croatia, Slovenia, and Hungary. We had planned to stay 2 nights at Lake Bled. We wonder if Lake Bled is just overly crowded with tourists. Would it be more fun to just drive to Lake Bled, enjoy the area for a bit, and then continue to less crowded areas. We enjoy getting away from the touristy areas and seeing the people, food, customs, etc.
Any suggestions or recommendations.

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We spent 4 days in Lake Bled in early June of 2015. It was not crowded with tourists. One of my favorite things was RARELY hearing English (although almost all staff spoke English), and even then the English I heard had a British accent (so, few Americans). We found that 4 days was one day too long, but 1-2 days would be great, especially if you like to hike. Bohinj is nearby as is Vintgar Gorge (google them). Also Rick's Vrsic Pass drive takes 1/2 day, more if you stop along the way.


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Well, it's only about an hours drive from Ljubljana, so I guess you could do it as a day trip. But I'd recommend staying for a day or 2 if you can. Depends on the time of year, too. We were there in May (a few years ago), and I don't recall huge crowds. DH was there for a conference, and all the wives got together and easily managed to fill our days with activities in the area. Great hiking!

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I think the answer depends on how much total time you have and how this affects the rest of your itinerary. Where else would you go stay for the few days you are thinking of devoting to Lake Bled?

Slovenia is one of the most beautiful countries I've ever been to, and it's small, so you can see a lot of it on day trips from Ljubljana. But there are a lot of advantages to relocating to a small town somewhere else so you can gain different perspectives.

Bled may not be overly crowded with tourists, but it is definitely a tourist destination. If you want to get a more authentic experience away from where tourists go, you might want to find an alternative place to stay elsewhere in this delightful country. Perhaps the Soca Valley or the Karst region might be worth considering.

Just keep in mind that because it is a small and beautiful country, tourists can find their way anywhere you can!

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Lake Bled and the Julian Alps should be a highlight to any trip through Slovenia. I enjoyed two full days in and around Lake Bled. I can assure you that it is not a "drive by sight". Stay two nights at the lovely Pension Mayer just above the lake. Take their free bikes for a ride around the lake, through scenic neighboring villages and down to the river. You will pass a bee farm, a lady who brews her own beer with beirgarten and numerous photo ops. Relaxing around the lake should be why we vacation?
The Vintner Gorge is a "must experience". Sure the area is touristy, but who cares if the destination is that beautiful and worth a stay.

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If you want a more natural, less built-up lake experience, you can stay at Lake Bohinj, which still has an adequate amount of food and lodging. Faster drive times to other locations will still be via Bled, rather than the slower mountain road.

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We spent 2 nights at the mulej bled turist farm.... the 1st week of july. We spent a whole day walking around lake and UP hill to castle.... nothing was "crowded"
ate lunch at the outdoor cafe at the castle..... amazing views, good food

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Bled and Julian Alps are must in Slovenia and in August will be a lot of tourists, especially weekends. You are making the same mistake as many tourist who visit Slovenia only for few days and that regret it. As one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and not overrun with tourists jet, deserves at least a week if you love nature and outdoor activities.
There is simply so much to do and see and everything is close, one hour drive from Ljubljana or Bled.
I don't know a time of your visit and if you are going in August, there can be difficult to find a accommodation in Bled itself, as is prime spot for visitors. Tourist farms and B&B are the best bet to find something. You can also look at Radovljica near Bled and Bohinj.
Bohinj is pure nature with less tourists, with beautiful walks - Vogar, Vogel, Slap Savica, Pokljuka etc. Also drive Vrsic Pass to Soca Valley, but could be too much for just two nights visit.

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We visited Lake Bled and stayed there for 2 nights in 2014, so we had one whole day to explore. Could easily have stayed a second day. One of the highlights of our trip to Slovenia. I recommend you spend at least one whole day.

Some notes: Just about everyone in Slovenia speaks good English. The Julian Alps reminded me greatly of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. It's possible to visit much of the country by day tripping from Ljubljana, but don't. We rented a car (for Slovenia only, got another car in Croatia), stayed in Lake Bled, then Kobarid (actually a tourist farm way up in the hills above Kobarid--that was trippy!), then Rovinj (Slovenia's town on the Adriatic!), then Ljubljana, where we dropped the car and stayed in a student flat for several days. Wish we could have added a stop somewhere in the rural east.

If I had to pick a city to move to and live in in Europe, it would be Ljubljana, in Slovenia.