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Julian alps in March?

Hi - we’ll be traveling to Croatia and Slovenia in the first two weeks of March with a rental car. How accessible will the roads be to do the circle drive around the alps from Bled? I understand the Vrsic pass will likely be closed, but should we expect other closures as well?

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My husband and I were also in Slovenia in early March, so for others with the same question, our personal guide said the Vrisic Pass was hit or miss while we were there -- so perhaps possible even the first week of March. There is a way of checking each day to see if the pass is open (phone call or website?), although our guide was taking care of that piece for us so I don't have more info on that topic.

We ended up not seeing Vrsic Pass on this trip, but because there were so many other things to see and do in and right around Ljubljana where we were based for six nights. One travel option that was definitely not running yet for the season was the car train. We were, however, able to take the pletna boat to the island on Lake Bled.

BTW, thank you to the RS Forum members who posted about (restavracija) Julija: we had multiple meals there and loved the food. Thank you also for recommending Vesna of Slocally for those of us who prefer not to rent a car but who still hope to see areas without easy public transportation, e.g. the gorgeous Soca Valley. We spent two days with Vesna and had such a wonderful time seeing parts of western Slovenia, chatting, sharing dinner together, and learning about the country, both historically and in present day.

Vesna tailored our daytrips to sync with our interests as well as our physical abilities (mobile but not capable of longer or more difficult hikes). She is a licensed guide and well qualified to organize more demanding hikes for those interested in even more great views.

One of the topics we discussed were the serious floods of 2023. Some bridges were still being repaired and replaced as of March 2024. While washed away bridges did not affect our travels, it is a topic worth pursuing with others who may have more information. It was another reason we enjoyed having a guide who was familiar with driving routes and roads.

Also regarding the efficiency of having a guide, as Vesna's website mentions, she does know the best scenic locations. Our sightseeing along the Soca River was spectacularly gorgeous, and we were able to relax and enjoy the views as our guide was taking care of the driving. :) ! Can't wait to have a couple of our photos made into canvas prints to hang in the living room to remind us of our oh so enjoyable trip.

This is the first time we have ever chosen the option of having a personal guide. We hope to return and take Vesna up on other options for daytrips including the Brda region, the Vrsic Pass, and a repeat of the Soca daytrip with a little more hiking. I don't know how we could return and not see the Soca area again -- it is that beautiful, including in March!

Lisa, were you able to see the Vrsic Pass, did you run into any travel difficulties, and do you have recommendations for a return trip to Slovenia?

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It makes me so happy when someone reports back that they enjoyed one of my recommendations! Vesna is indeed a personable, kind, amazing guide who provides travelers with rich, unique experiences in and around the Brda region.