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Itinerary Help

Any thoughts on the below? Our goal is to maximize our times in the mountains hiking, but it seems like we should plan to be in Bled on Saturday night for the fireworks and floating candles. Having a hard time deciding on hikes. Appreciate any input.

Day 1 - Arrive in afternoon at LJU and pick up rental car. Drive to Lake Bled. Take pletna to island then walk up to Ojstrica and Mala Osojnica for a nice view and pictures before it gets crazy crowded with Bled Days. Drive to Kranjska Gora and sleep there.

Day 2 - Drive Vrsic Pass and hike Slemenova Spica. Continue on to Bovec to see a bit of the Soca Valley then return to Kranjska Gore via Predil Pass. Sleep in Kranjska Gora.

Day 3 - Drive to Mangart Saddle via Predil Pass. Hike Mangart and return to Kranjska Gora. Maybe see a bit of Austria on the way back OR stop at Fusine Lakes. Sleep at Kranjska Gora.

Day 4 - Must choose which hike to do between Stol (via Valvasorjev Dom) OR Visevnik + Vodnikov Dom OR Vogel + Rodica. Sleep in Bled- see fireworks and floating candles on Lake Bled that night.

Day 5 - We need to reach Plitvice National Park by early evening, so we have a few hours this morning for a short hike or a brief stop in Ljubljana before driving there. Recommendations?

Should we skip the hike at the top of Vrsic and instead do Mangart on that Day 2 on our way back to Kranjska Gora so that we have both Days 3 and 4 to fit in Stol, Visenik or Vogel? Or is the hike at the top of Vrsic better than fitting in another one of these? I have booked night 1 in Kranjska Gora and night 4 in Bled, but still have some flexibility on nights 2 and 3 until I firm up our itinerary. I'd prefer not to have to move around a lot, but I will if it makes sense and allows us to fit in more. Thanks for any input.

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If you can plan on arriving at Plitvice around 4pm. Most of the huge crowds from the tour buses will have left by then. Explore half of the park that evening and the other half early next morning before the crowds get there. You’ll have a way better experience. Park opens at 7am and stays open til 8 or 9pm. Buy a two day ticket whe you arrive and next day you can just go in and explore. The pathways are narrow and when the bus groups arrive at about 10-11am you’ll be slithering by. I think God used the Garden of Eden as his blueprints for this place.