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Is there a car size limit?

We will be driving from Venice through parts of Slovenia, Austria and Croatia before heading back to Venice. I’m trying to book the car and I’m 6’4” and need leg room but was told by a few places you can only take a mini or small size rental car into these countries while other places say your free to use whatever car you want, would I be ok if I rented a midsize something like a Alfa Romero Giulia?

Thank you!

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It could be that some rental car companies allow only certain types of cars to to cross borders. You will have to check company by company

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thanks, part of my problem was the company that told me they would only rent me a small car made it sound like the countries themselves won’t let you cross and the other company didn’t seem to care, I just didn’t want to get to a boarder with a bigger car and be turned around.

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Countries do not have rules on the size of rental car. That’s ridiculous.

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Countries don't have laws on size of car, but some companies have rules on types and brands of car.

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It might be worth working through one of the consolidators--AutoEurope, Kemwel or Gemut. I haven't rented in Europe myself, but many others have had good experiences, and some have saved money. I think those companies would have ready access to rules about taking cars across borders.