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Ideas for one more night?

I'll be in Slovenia from Sept. 3-16 and have my rental car booked, lodging, Flixbus from Venice to Ljubljana, etc. But I have one open night and I'm struggling to decide where I should stay, so would love some ideas. I'll be in Bohinj for 3 nights and then I plan to drive Vrsic Pass, do a little hiking on the day I leave Bohinj. It's that night that I need ideas for ...
From there I stay in Logarska Dolina for 3 nights (and I end trip in Ljubljana). So ideally somewhere between Bohinj and L. Dolina. I was thinking maybe Skofja Loka; but I'd also like to at least see the Soca River -- but it seems out of the way of my itinerary. I like beautiful scenery, history, architecture, and hiking, if that helps.
Any suggestions welcome- thanks!

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Are you visiting Piran on the coast? Really lovely seaside town - absolutely adored it.

Skofja Loka is a really nice town. So is Radovljica near Bled. So is Kamnik, which close to Logarska Dolina. But these are all really small towns (what would there be to do there? The bee keeping museum in Radovljica is good for an hour, tops.) A larger town you could perhaps visit on the way to Logarska Dolina (if you head east then north) is Celje - without looking at a map not sure but I seem to recall you could drive up there that way.

I've mentioned the scenic drive from Skofja Loka to Bled through Jamnik and Kropa, through the mountains, a few times here - forget if I responded with that in other threads you were on or not. But, you could do that drive, perhaps in reverse, if ending the day in Skofja Loka or Radovljica I guess. The church at the top near Jamnik can be hiked up to I think - I drove up but saw a hiking trail down the hill, so there must be a way, if your are ambitious!

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Thank you, Andrew! No, I decided to give Piran/the coast a miss for this trip (so I have a good reason to go back!). If I have time/am not too tired after picking up my car in Ljubljana, I'll stop in Skofja Loka on my drive to Lake Bohinj. If I miss it then, that's why I'm thinking of staying there on way to Logarska Dolina. Too much to see! I found a place in small town of Tolmin near the river that looks like a possibility. I'm half tempted to play it by ear and not book in advance for that one night -- but probably too risky for early September.
Thanks again for all your good advice, Andrew.