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I am interested in the Best of the Adriatic.

Will our group be added to larger tour groups on buses and during guided sightseeing?

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I took this RS Tour in 2016, and that never occurred. We had our own bus (about 50 seats for about 28 tour members, plus our guide. We never shared our guide or any local guides. I can say the same thing for all of my 9 RS Tours.

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Nope-no other groups or travelers will be added unless, of course, late arrivals who had signed up for the tour and been delayed for whatever reason. Once in a while, some person(s) will amble up during the locally guided walks but that has always been kindly and firmly handled by the local guide or our tour guide. BTW, I think you will really enjoy this tour. I learned so much about the history of the area-particularly as related to the break up of Yugoslavia and the ensuing war. Not to mention the beauty of the countries as well as the people who live there. If you decide on this tour, I feel sure you will enjoy your time in this fascinating and intriguing part of our world.