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How Slovenia compares to Gimmelwald area/ Jungfrau? & Dietary Issues?

Hi all,

This may be a weird question, but we are traveling to Europe this summer for a month. We are a family of 4, with 2 girls, ages 9 and 12. We will be in Germany and Austria for a few weeks, and were planning to go to Gimmelwald for several days, to hike and to go to the top of Jungfrau or the Schilthorn.

We just started to investigate Slovenia and the Julian Alps, which look promising. While I can see that this trip would definitely be less expensive, I am wondering if the mountain sights are as breathtaking?

My husband and I took the cablecar/trains up to Jungfrau and MontBlanc on our honeymoon, and they are such memorable experiences.... Are there similar "mountaintop experiences" in Slovenia and the Julian Alps? Are there similar feeling villages to the areas like Gimmelwald and Lauterbrunnen?

Also, I don't eat dairy products. While it is pretty easy to travel in the US with this dietary restriction, (there are soy/vegan substitutes regularly), does anyone have experience in Slovenia with regard to being non-dairy?

Thanks in advance,


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No, there are not "similar mountaintop experiences." The Julian Alps are beautiful, but the highest peak is just over 9,000 feet, as compared to the Schilthorn is a bit higher and faces peaks that are over 13,000 feet. Slovenia doesn't have a similar network of high mountain lifts and hiking trails. Getting up those hills is a more rugged experience, e.g., suitable for rock climbers.

Slovenia has a wide range of food options, especially in cosmopolitan Ljubljana, and traditional dishes are most similar to Austrian food, with plenty of meat.

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We are actually doing a very similar trip to you this June/July. We were in Wengen for 5 nights out of our 3 week trip last time we were in Europe and decided this time we wanted to go back to Wengen/Jungfrau for longer because it's such an incredible area, as you obviously experienced as well. However, we also wanted to see some new areas as well.

After a lot of research trying to find places that wouldn't let us down after the incredible experience of the Jungfrau region, we settled on a 3 week trip to Slovenia, Jungfrau & Austria. We will be doing...

*Austria for 7 nights (Lake District outside Salzburg -- Grundlsee, Halstatt, St Wolfgang, etc.)
*Slovenia for 8 nights
*Wengen for 7 nights

I've read up pretty extensively on Slovenia and while I don't think it will be necessarily "like" Jungrau region, it seems to be promising as having magic of it's own and has come highly recommended from well traveled people we know, online sites, Rick Steves book, etc.

We are staying 4 nights in the Logar Valley (Solcava) to see the Panoramic Road, hikes, etc. and 4 nights in the Triglav Nat'l Park (Tolmin) to see Lake Bled, Lake Bohnij, Soca River Valley, Vintgar Gorge, etc.

We are staying at organic tourist farms in both places that include farm to table meals with stunning locations and modern amenities, just like a hotel but more quaint and local. In my research it seems that Slovenia is known for this sort of thing, so we wanted to experience what was recommended. In the Logar Valley we are staying at Lenar Tourist Farm & in Tolmin we are staying at Pri Kafolu Tourist Farm.