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How many days to stay in Ljublijana

Dear all, i have a few questions with regards to visit to Slovenia

1) How many days should i stay in Ljub and Bled respectively? I will be having 2-3 days in slovenia and I am interested in beautiful scenery and good food

2) What is the best way to get from Ljub to Bled? Can anyone recommend a bus or train service?

3) Is it possible to move from Bled to Vienna/Bratislava or should i return to Ljub to take a bus/train over? Also, can anyone recommend a bus or train service there?

Thank you for your help!

Greatly appreciate it!


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Ljubljana is a beautiful but small city. There is not necessarily much to see, but it is a vibrant city with a lot of restaurants, stores, etc., and it is beautiful to walk around especially at night. It makes a good base for day trips.

Lake Bled is a resort town. The lake is beautiful but not that big. You can walk around the lake in about an hour, visit the island, see the might not take you that long. The town of Bled did not impress me - I stayed over there a few nights to do exploring (with a car) of the region including Lake Bohinj. Some might enjoy staying over in Bled to relax, for the vacation atmosphere or just being near a beautiful lake, but my own preference would be staying in Ljubljana but day tripping to Lake Bled.

I drove to Bled with my own rental car, but I believe a bus is considered the most efficient way to visit the lake by public transportation. You can also take trains, but I think you can't get directly as close to the lake by train as you can with the bus.

To see how to get from town to town in Europe, try the website . For train connections for Europe, try the website .

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Buses run frequently and directly from Ljubljana bus station to Lake Bled bus station (with other stops). Ljubljana bus station is about a block from Ljubljana train station, so that can be a convenient neighborhood for a hotel, or for making a connection between bus and train.

Trains to Vienna and Bratislava depart from Lesce Bled station (bus or short taxi ride from Bled town center). How to Look Up Train Schedules and Routes Online gives you the DB train schedule link and tips for using it.

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we stayed in a farm b and b about a mile out of the time we walked to town, around the lake, up the hill to the castle and down it was a 12 mile day, but lovely. ate at the restaurant on the castle grounds, a bit pricey, but the most amazing views made it the best dining experience of the whole trip. definatly take the boat trip over to the island, also

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Thank you for your help guys! really helpful! :) i will be heading to ljublijana after croatia :) any idea if the bus runs frequently from zagreb?

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Just back from both. Had 3 days in each city (which was actually a little long). I would recommend a food tour in Ljubljana. Check out the website at She does food, dessert, craft beer and wine tours of her city. Food was excellent and she can recommend other places to eat.

I would spend 1 1/2 days each. Is only a short drive between cities. (although we had a car so that made it easy). Without a car, I would spend one day at Bled and 2 in Ljubljana.

Enjoy, Kaye

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we arrived after dark the first night (big mistake, we could not interpret signage in the dark and our exhaustion).

we spent one long day exploring around the lake, spent a second night

left the next morning.

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We're a week in Ljubljana. First day was the obligatory Old Town & Castle walk. Next day was Lake Bled. Day-3 it rained hard so we stayed in to recover. We have 3 more days. Any recommendations? Anything must-see in Ljubljana? The park (if the weather turns back to sunny)??? (We have a rental car but it's a stick shift so we're not tempted to try any twisty mountain roads.)

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hey there. i would try the caves that are nearby. depending on what you are more interested in. you might consider parking your car in ljubljana and take a bus to the caves if you are worried the mountainous road. let me know if you might need more information

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We just returned from a 2 week driving trip through Slovenia and Croatia with another couple who, like us, enjoy the outdoors.

We arrived into Zagreb, got our rental car, and drove into Ljubljana for a late afternoon dinner and walk of the town.
The next morning we hiked up to the castle, ate lunch, and drove up to Lake Bled.

We stayed 3 nights, so we had 2 1/2 days to explore. We biked, hiked NUMEROUS trails, including Slap Savica Falls and Vintgar Gorge, and drove through the Julian Alps.

The timing was spot on, but we wanted to savor the outdoors and the scenery.