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Hiking the Julian Alps

After our friends wrap up their vacation and leave Slovenia my husband and I want to spend 1 - 2 weeks hiking in the Julian Alps. Can anyone provide recommendations on what hikes to do, where to start the hikes, costs for staying in huts, resupply points if we do a thorugh hike, and transportation to reach the trailheads and get back to a town. We would rather not rent a car especially if it is just parked for 4 - 6 days.

Also, we will be there mid-September. Will the huts be open? And when does it start snowing in the Alps?

The pictures we have seen are absolutely stunning. Last year we hiked Patagonia and the Cordillera Blanca of Peru and we can't wait to get back into the mountains.

Thank you

A couple more questions, are huts the only option for overnighting in the park? Are many of the hikes day hikes instead of multi-day/overnight hikes?

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We hiked in the Julian Alps last September, but we went with REI Adventures so I did not do any planning. We did have one day of heavy rain/snow, around Sept. 14. Coincidentally it was the day we hiked to a mountain hut. The next day we were to ascend Krn, but 6" of new snow made that ascent too risky.

For multi-day trekking you might look at the Slovenian portion of the Alpe Adria trail:

I found a list of huts along that trail. I will go look for the link and return.

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I would like to thank everyone for your suggestions. You have given me good information and links to follow up on. I am very excited about exploring the Julian Alps. Thank you very much!

Happy travels, Terri