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Hike any 1000 ft elevation?

Hello, staying at Lake Bled for 3 nights, and Ljubljana for 4 nights.looking for a hike, preferably to see some huts, but my husband doesn’t want to go above 1000ft climb. We are 57 and 70, reasonably fit. He doesn’t like cable cars. Any suggestions to make us both happy?

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Does this mean he doesn't want to ascend more than a 1,000 foot elevation change on foot for any one hike, or he doesn't want to hike at elevations higher than 1,000 feet above mean sea level?

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No more than 1000 ft change in one hike. I’d live to do Velika Plaina , but hard to convince him….

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If you are reasonably fit for the physicality of a hike, it seems he is not reasonably fit for the mental side of the hike. The two go hand in hand. When was the last time he went greater than 1000’? Perhaps it is time to try near your home a hike that requires that. Then he can either confirm his distaste for such elevation gain or find he has gone beyond his mental barrier and will reconsider such a hike when you travel.