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Has anybody done the luge outside of Lake Bled?? Or have been to the bee museum?

We are leaving today for the Eastern European trip!

In Lake Bled there is a luge run. Has anybody ever done it? What did you think?
We have bees but was wondering if anybody has gone to the museum in the area. What were your thoughts? Worth the time?

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I did the luge a few years back when I was in my early tweenties. It was fun, but I did'nt find it to be overaly exillarating. Mind you I was Young and fresh of a trip to New Zealand where I did all the bungy jumping and sky diving I could fit into my budget, so my standard was pretty High.

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The beekeeping museum in Radovljica is OK - not amazing and not very big, but if you have bees, you will probably find it more interesting than I did. Radovljica is a cute town anyway, worth a quick visit at least.

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I loved the bee museum because I appreciate folk art, and the uniqueness of the museum, and the pastoral drive to get there.

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The luge run is not a particularly exhilarating experience for adults, but it is quite scenic and fun for the kids. I enjoyed it.

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I'm with Laura on the beekeeping museum. I enjoyed it a lot and while I'm not a big fan of folk art, I thought it was fascinating to see how much clever (and sometimes bawdy) artwork adorns the hives that are on display. There's also a short film that I found very informative. If you're going to be nearby, it's definitely worth a visit. And I agree with Andrew; while you're there, take some time to wander around Radovljica. It's quite charming.

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While I agree that the Lake Bled luge cannot compete with bungy jumping in New Zealand (I've also done both) I thought it was a fun experience. It's not a major adrenaline rush if that's what you're looking for, but on a beautiful day it was a fun way to get a different view of the lake and the surrounding mountains. I hadn't planned on doing it, but some other folks on my Eastern Europe tour suggested it and I tagged along. We all had a blast.

If you do decide to do it, I recommend buying the 3 run package. The first time I was so busy looking around at the beautiful scenery that I didn't go very fast. By the third run I was going full speed.

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My husband did the luge run yesterday, a spontaneous decision. We walked to the top for a view, and the path down took us by the luge loading area. He was intrigued, as it appeared much steeper than luge runs we have seen in the US. He had fun and was glad he did it. ( I was charged with taking a video and was surprised at how slowly he was going---he said it was fairly scary).

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Hi Lola!
I was thinking about you at the regatta last week! Hope your husband did well - our best was 4th place but what are you going to do against former Olympic rowers who are a foot taller than you!

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Thanks for all the info. We did it, and had a great time with three other couples from their 50's to 70's. We almost all did two runs. The views from the top and going up the chairlift were amazing. It is a short walk to the run from the main area on the lake. There are also other fun active things to do there like various height jumps onto air bags, tube jumps, etc... Fun activity. for info, in order to go, you have to use the bar forward to get going. You can go very slowly and enjoy the view, or fast and enjoy the thrill. I thought it was going to be much steeper. It wasn't frightening. I would do it again.