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Getting from Piran to Venice

Hi again. We'll be finishing our bike tour in Piran. After a couple of days there, we need to make our way to Venice to explore and fly home (from Venice). I know there's a direct ferry but as far as I can figure, there's only one and it runs on Saturdays (not possible for us). Other options? I see a bus, or hydrofoil to Trieste and train. But when I got to the hydrofoil site, it says it operates to Piran, but a) there's no map and b) Piran doesn't appear on their departure options.

Any wisdom here? Anyone taken the bus? We'll have one hard sided piece of luggage each (containing folded bikes, so standard sized luggage), plus carry on.

Link to hydrofoil:*1s2j9db*_up*MQ..*_ga*MzIwNTIyNTI5LjE3MTI5MzA1NjA.*_ga_ZES3NG3CXH*MTcxMjkzMDU1Ny4xLjEuMTcxMjkzMTE4My4wLjAuMA..

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